Solar for your Arizona home or business

Investing $1 today saves you $3 tomorrow*

Harness the sun's free energy to generate your own power

Enriched Solar provides complimentary consulting services to commercial and residential property owners in Arizona.

Education is the first priority, ensuring all your questions are answered thoroughly and professionally.

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Eliminate Uncertainty

Say goodbye to rate increases

Invest today and pay no electricity costs for 30+ years.

Invest in Your Future

Utility ownership and increased property value

Cash purchase of your solar electric system in combination with government tax credits will provide maximum benefit to the owner.

Solar energy can eliminate your property’s monthly electricity bill for 30+ years,  accelerating savings for education funds, vacation plans or retirement, tax free.

If you choose to sell in the future, a property generating its own free electricity has marketing advantages.

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A solution you can trust

30-year system warranty and energy production guarantee

Your system can be warranted against defects for a period of 30 years with zero deductable, including all equipment and workmanship, backed by a leading insurance company.

Saving You Money

Tax credits available

30% Federal tax credit

Deduct 30 percent of your solar energy system's installation cost from your federal taxes. There is no cap!

$1000 Arizona tax credit

The state of Arizona reimburses 25 percent (up to $1,000) of the cost of your solar energy system.

Advice your can trust

Free consultations with no obligation to purchase

Set up a meeting with Rich to ask all your questions about solar in Arizona. 

Questions will be addressed in a thorough and professional manner, providing you with the confidence to make an educated decision with regards to the value of this investment for your property.

Our primary goal is to educate Arizona property owners about Solar Systems.

We believe solar offers an opportunity for long-term cost-savings and energy independence – Arizona residents are uniquely positioned to benefit.

Enriched Solar offers the best in price, design, quality, system warranty and power production guarantees.

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Solar U

We partner with fine companies to deliver solar power to your home or business, offering the best in price, design, quality, warranty and guarantee.

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*  Investment after rebates with projected savings over 25 years assuming 3% annual rate increases for my average Arizona APS customer with attractive roof exposure