Why Look to the Sun For Our Power?

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It is delivered to us free, each and every day, for a lifetime.

Rising in the morning and setting in the evening.

Dependable, life-giving and quite taken for granted.

Interesting that the Sun provides warmth and growth, yet its ability to provide us with power largely goes untapped. Instead, most people continue to bring utility power from hundreds of miles away, mostly consuming a fuel to generate electricity. And those fuels are not free.

And why do we not generate electricity from the Sun at our property?

The simple responses often are:

“I don’t understand how solar works.”

“It is too expensive.”

“Panels are not attractive on my roof.”

“I don’t trust the salesperson.”

Or a combination of all of these.

A lack of motivation is a likely reason, since with the “do nothing” scenario everything continues in the future, much like it has in the past, with your utility selling you power, and it steadily getting more expensive every year.

How does one get motivated?

  •    It may be motivation to make a good investment to fund our retirement.
  •    Could be the need to save every month for an education fund, or vacation.
  •    Using a less expensive, cleaner and more reliable source of power may be the enticement.

Dispelling the uninformed reasons as to why you don’t have solar:

  • Solar technology is very simple, maintenance-free, and supplies you with electricity for 30+ years
  • The investment in solar is one-third the price of what you could expect to pay for utility power over this period.
  • Done right, solar financing cost are ~30% lower than your utility bill initially, and 60% lower after 30 years, as utility prices continue to increase.

And if you do not like the look of solar panels, well when Henry Ford came out with the Model T, the horse and buggy crowd didn’t like cars either!

There are unscrupulous salespeople in every industry. Solar is a lucrative business, and dealing with the right solar company will ensure that you maximize your benefit from solar. The solar company will benefit by having many happy customers who send them many more new customers.

So, next time you feel the Sun’s warmth, remember its potential!

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