Solar: What’s holding yours up?

Please, save yourself the headache and expense. Have your roof inspected before installing solar!

Too many solar owners end up paying $5 – 10,000 to remove and reinstall their racking, panels and wiring, then spend $1000s more to repair their roof.

Why Look to the Sun For Our Power?

It is delivered to us free, each and every day, for a lifetime. Rising in the morning and setting in the evening. Dependable, life-giving and quite taken for granted. Interesting that the Sun provides warmth and growth, yet its ability to provide us with power largely goes untapped. Instead, most people continue to bring utility […]

Life & Death of a Solar Panel: A guide to aging…

Hey, we may not want to admit it, but we all age over time. And solar panels are no different. There are more gracious ways to describe this aging, but with solar panels it is called degradation. Not pretty, just accurate. It can be a tough life, bolted to a rack, exposed to the elements. […]

Solar EV: Economical 1 penny per mile…

The Solar Electric Vehicle (EV) is a strategy for locking in your energy cost for driving, combining an EV and solar for charging. Making an investment in solar electric power guarantees a fixed cost to charge your EV batteries and save 90% or more on energy over its lifetime as compared to an average gasoline […]

Solar Maintenance: Care and feeding…

man in black jacket and yellow helmet holding black and white fishing rod

Very little maintenance is required for solar, other than ensuring the panels remain clean, undamaged and unobstructed. A willing and able owner is certainly capable of performing regular inspections and maintenance on their solar system. A part-time, absent or less able owner can hire the services of the solar contractor or a solar maintenance company […]

Solar: 6 ways of getting the most…

We are not able to change our location or the weather. But our decisions and investments can impact power consumption and required solar system size. Read to learn more!

Solar Panels: Best day in the life…

They start working every morning at dawn and continue through to sunset each evening. Ever wonder what impacts a solar panel’s ability to convert sunlight to electricity each day? A lot of different factors add up to the answer. Some are dependent on the particular model of panel, and others on where the panel is […]

Solar Array Size: Go big or go home?

Solar array size is usually based on a property’s electrical consumption over a 12 month period, limited by attractive space for panels or financial capability.