Solar Array Size: Go big or go home?

Solar array size is usually based on a property’s electrical consumption over a 12 month period, limited by attractive space for panels or financial capability.

Solar Warranties and Production Guarantees: 4 essential protections…

solar warranty solar guarantee

Solar warranties and solar production guarantees are important considerations for property owners when deciding on the system and the companies standing behind them. The installation and equipment components of a solar electric system can now be covered by a comprehensive warranty against workmanship issues or equipment breakdown for 30 years. Most importantly this coverage is […]

The powered up life of a solar panel…

Find a great location for a 400 watt solar panel in the Valley. Have it produce electricity over a life of 30 years. The total power equals what a 2000 sqft home uses in one year – 20,000 kWh!

Solar: No, no, no…

There are plenty of attractive reasons to invest in solar for your property. It is also important to take off the rose-colored glasses and review these possible concerns when considering solar for your property.

How Excitement Turns Sunlight into Electricity

Yes, it’s a true story. Excitement creates electricity. French physicist, Edmond Becquerel, first saw this in 1839. Much like the expression when group of excited people are gathered and they “can feel the electricity in the air”.

In the case of solar power, it is electrons that get excited. And why might you ask? Well, the sun’s rays contain energy – electromagnetic energy to be exact. This energy excites the electrons in certain materials.

Solar: Take the plunge cautiously…

Making the right solar investment decision requires knowledge about your property’s current and future electrical consumption, roof condition, sun exposure, tax situation, financing, and lease options.

Solar+EV: Safe and save at home!

It’s an interesting concept. We typically think of bringing an electric vehicle (EV) home to charge up and be ready for the next day on the road. This mindset can be turned on its head with the new generation of EVs offering batteries capable of bidirectional charging. This allows the battery in the EV to […]

Solar: When failure is not an option!

What do you mean that I will have no power from my solar if the grid goes down??? This is likely one of the most mystifying quirks that interested property owners learn about solar when reviewing the possibilities. Yes, solar, without battery backup, is immediately disconnected from your property’s electrical panel and, more importantly, the […]

Solar: Take a load off…

Let’s discuss load controllers and how consumers might use one to reduce their electricity bill. First, what exactly is a load controller? Basically, when installed it automatically controls which electrical devices can operate at any given time. Great, but why is this important? Because having two or more devices consuming a large amount of electricity […]