Solar: If it feels good…do it!

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As with all investment decisions, the property owner would be motivated to do so because it felt like the right thing to do. Contributing to this motivation would be a thorough understanding of the opportunity. All questions honestly and accurately answered.

And the investment has to make sense, both in an economic sense and through cleaner living, energy independence, and security. It needs to contribute to the property owners’ sense of wealth, adding long-term value and appreciation. It cannot be a financial burden but rather contribute to monthly savings for education plans or vacations, or a return on investment to grow retirement savings.

Often, doing the right thing, like eating healthy, isn’t necessarily the least expensive option. However, making investments up front in doing the right thing will yield dividends, and not only in cash, for the rest of our lives.

In the example of eating healthy, the ingredients may cost more or take longer to prepare, but these expenses end up paling in comparison to the wellbeing benefits, less illness, lower healthcare expenses, higher happiness quotient and longer life. By comparison, solar will also require an upfront investment, and this too will yield excellent returns, all in cash, for 30+ years, as well as benefitting the environment and property value.

The decision will likely go beyond feeling good and making sense, in that there will be a pride and attractiveness around the opportunity, similar to that of buying a car, clothing or furniture. Much like an owner may find themselves looking in the garage, closet or living room with a smile, the same feelings will be associated with looking at the roof or utility bill after installing solar.

It is also an excellent tool for teaching others, be it children, family, friends or an interested acquaintance. Those interactions will likely have an impact on these future owners’ decisions to invest in solar power. Word-of-mouth can be a strong motivator.

Coming full circle, it really is trust that can make the difference in the decision-making process. Trust in the answers, timing, system, application, financing, and economics, resulting in a good feeling that it is the right decision to invest in solar.

What do you need to know to make the right decision?

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