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There are plenty of attractive reasons to invest in solar for your property. It is also important to take off the rose-colored glasses and review these possible concerns when considering solar for your property.

Don’t invest in solar if your property does not have sufficient west, south, or east exposure for solar panels. Or if trees, chimneys, or other buildings cast excessive shadows. Living in Arizona does not ensure that solar is suitable for your property.

Don’t invest in solar before having a reputable roofing contractor assess the condition of your roof. A solar system will last for 30+ years, so ensure that your roof will last for this long. Removing and reinstalling your solar to make roof repairs will cost 1000’s of dollars. Perform this work before installing solar.

Don’t invest in solar until you understand your current utility bill and available energy plans. Know what is contributing to your consumption and what changes may positively impact it. Ponder your future electrical needs. A growing family, kids heading off to college, replacing an old air conditioner, or purchasing an electric vehicle will all change your future electricity needs.

Don’t invest in solar before you comfortably understand solar, know what questions to ask, have answers from a source you trust and that make sense to you. Solar is a sizeable investment, so take the time to assess the opportunity. Feel good about making an informed, unrushed decision.

Don’t invest in solar until you have lived in a newly purchased property for at least 12 months. Ensure that year-round electrical utility bills are available to review. This information will allow for a better solar system to be designed for your property.

Don’t invest in solar if you know that you will be selling the property in the next year. It is best to have 12 months of solar production and utility records as proof that the system is performing as designed. This will give a prospective buyer the info they need to assess the value of your system.

Don’t invest in solar until you consider your finances and credit score to be good. This will give you access to more attractive financing options, lower monthly payments, and better economic results.

Do invest in solar after you can positively address each of the above concerns. The right decision will become very clear!


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